Get Your Home in Top Shape for Winter

Is your property ready for winter? Whetheryou’ve lived in our snowy climate your entire life or this is your first Canadian winter,a home checklist is a helpful tool to help you keep your home warm all season.

Your energy-saving winter home checklist

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How to Sell Your Home This Winter

Regardless of the time of year, there are always buyers on the hunt for a home of their own. Take advantage of the drop in temperature to improve your home’s marketability by enhancing its warm and cozy ambiance.

Benefits of selling a home in the winter

Reasons to buy a home in the winter

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A Sneak Peek at the 2013 Housing Market

Everyone is curious about what the year will hold for the Canadian housing market. Although Canadians expect housing prices to rise, the majority still see housing 
as a good investment.

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What’s in Store for the Canadian Housing Market?

Although stricter mortgage lending rules were expected to throw a wrench into Canada’s hot housing market, home prices have remained stable, sales are expected to increase and home construction is projected to gain even more momentum by the end of the year.

Homes prices will remain affordable.

What’s the average price of a home in Canada?

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June - 2013

Is Now a Good Time For a Mortgage?

Will Interest rates increase this year?

Canada's home mortgage is still adjusting to the mortgage rules passed in 2012. Although many Canadians fell that recent goverment changes will impact or delay homebuyers, 59% of homebuyers said that required minimum 5% down payment and shorter 25 year amortization period had little to no impact on their decision to buy.

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July -2013

The Facts about Credit

Your credit score is one of the most importan numbers you have. Not only does your score affect your interest rate when applaying for a loan, it can also impact your insurance rates,certain job prospects and even your chances of renting a great apartament.

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August - 2013

Improve your Credit Now

Although it's easy to become obsessed with Improving your credit scores, especially if you're getting ready to apply for a loan, it's best to focus on improving your overall credit report. After all,a great credit history will help to boost your credit score.

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